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Armin Grewe
28 Lockside Court
Mallard Way
United Kingdom


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There used to be a form on this page where you could send me an email with your questions or whatever else you might want to tell me. Then the spammers worked out how to populate forms with their bots to send all kinds of cr*p my way. So I had to take down the form. If you still need to contact me I suggest the following: Take my first name, then the well known at (@) sign and finally the domain of this website (hint: and mash them all together to create an email address, if you get it right your email will reach me.

Sorry for the hassle, unfortunately the spammers seem to think they can just send their cr*p anywhere they want, regardless of all the pain and cost they cause. I don't have the time and resource to deal with the huge amount of spam they are able to send my way, so I have to take the ultimate measure to stop them.